Thoughts on team & recruitment from our Peer Network Programme business consultants

We spoke to the experienced business consultants leading our Peer Network Programme to share their thoughts on managing your team and recruitment during these challenging times.

“When recruiting you should always mention your company culture to attract the right fit of candidate. As well as, what type of characteristics you are looking for from the applicants, such as leadership, communication skills, team player, flexible and adaptable, problem solving, their future aspirations aside from just considering the candidate’s technical abilities. Ensure you talk about the future growth of the company and what they would like to achieve in the next 12 months.”

– Tom Yeung


“For me we have to recruit on values not skills. Skills can be taught but you cannot change someone’s values. It is the biggest cause of conflict, a good sales person can gain an in with a good interview and blag their way through it for 18months, but even a good blagger can’t fake it for any longer unfortunately normally by the time we have taken action they are past their two-year period and we are bound to a tight contract which makes it really hard to exit a bad egg from your business. Recruiting on values may take longer but will save you time and frustration in the long run.”

– Sam Lindley


“With so many businesses making use of remote working, either by choice or through necessity, team communication becomes so much more important.

Things like having regular team catch-ups using Zoom are an obvious way of filling the vacuum left due to not being together every day, but more importantly, effective leaders of remote teams find that they need to invest more time in building and maintaining the team culture, making sure everyone understands the bigger picture and the overall goals of the business, instilling the right sense of purpose, and the importance of collaborating with colleagues to achieve collective goals.

As well as working to maintain an excellent team-working culture, leaders need also to be sensitive to the needs of individual team members, especially in the current climate when people are facing unprecedented challenges that might be affecting their families and home lives as well. Regular one-to-one catch-ups on work objectives are always important, but now might be a good time to ask “How are things going…?”. Be prepared to listen to and address concerns that team members may have about the current situation, and to be flexible about how any issues can be addressed.

While these things can often happen naturally when a high performing team is physically co-located, good leaders know that it takes a particular focus and determination to maintain this kind of culture when the team is dispersed.”

– David Adlington

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