“Our Growth Hub Adviser was clearly very experienced.  We’re absolutely delighted.”

Sausages on a roll

The Queen may soon be enjoying a delicious new range of sausages at her breakfast table, thanks to the support of the New Anglia Growth Hub.

Musks, the original Newmarket sausage maker has been a supplier to the Royal Household for generations and the company’s original secret recipe, developed by founder James Musk, hasn’t changed since 1884.  

Changes Ahead

But exciting changes are afoot, which will set Musk sausages on a roll.  With ambitions to grow, Ed Sheen, the Managing Director of the business, which was purchased by his father in the mid 1970’s, has recently moved the company to larger premises in Newmarket.  He will be developing new, non-pork based sausage recipes to appeal to wider markets.

To manufacture a new range of sausages, Musks needed to purchase equipment for a second production line, so Ed contacted the New Anglia Growth Hub.   Richard Glinn, a Growth Hub Business Adviser, recommended that Musks apply for a grant for the machinery.  Richard led Ed through the process, helping the company secure a grant for more than £70,000.

“We are absolutely delighted with the grant.  As a family-owned business this funding has been key to our plans for growth” said Ed.  “The Growth Hub’s support was so important to us and our Adviser was clearly very experienced working with small businesses like Musks,”

Musks currently produce around 4.25 million sausages each year.  With their new line of products, Ed will be employing four further staff and aims to double production in six months.  This will ensure that Musks’ customers will never be short of a hearty breakfast, fit for a Queen.

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