An extraordinary day at the Norfolk Show

Having a love for ‘anything agriculture’ gets Grant Adviser Sally Lomax in unique locations, including at the Royal Norfolk Show last week.

As one of the largest agricultural shows in the country, now attracting more than 80,000 visitors and hundreds of exhibitors, it also pulls in the top of the ‘crop’ from across the country to compete in ‘best in show’.

Sally’s passion for agriculture, which was sparked while she was a DEFRA Agricultural Adviser for a part of Norfolk, was brilliantly showcased when she supported ‘The Coopers Herd’ from Sussex.

“Things did not start well when my intended 8.30am arrival was delayed by a horse box breaking down on the NDR resulting in me missing the first class! Meanwhile, the Coopers Herd arrived and had brought three Sussex cattle to the show a young heifer, six-month-old bull Percy and six-year-old bull George,” said Sally.

Making sure the cattle look tip top includes grooming, wiping with an oily cloth to make the coat shine and some impressive hairdressing techniques and products on the tail to bush it out! The finishing touch is black hoof oil.

Then you need to look your best too. “Although, I wasn’t leading the contestants around the Ring, I was responsible for encouraging them to keep walking.”

Recounting the moment, Sally, said: “The celebrity of the day was the older bull George who won all his classes which resulted in him winning the prestigious title ‘Champion Sussex’! It was a real privilege to be ‘part’ of the Norfolk Show and even better when you come home with a rosette!”

Congratulations to The Coopers Herd and Sally!

And many congrats to the Royal Norfolk Show team and everyone involved for making this year’s event spectacular again!

If you are based in North Norfolk or West Norfolk and would like support with the Rural England Prosperity Fund, please feel free to get in touch with Sally Lomax –

Read more about the funding options available in Norfolk and Suffolk.

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