“We’ve got to know fast-growing businesses locally, which has helped us with best practice, reputation and recruitment.”

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Co-founder, Chris Pont, and Chief Financial Officer, Justin Nevison-Grainger, tell us about their experience working with New Anglia Growth Hub. Click on the Play button below to find out more about the support IJYI received or read the story below.

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Great Technology

“What makes us unique” says Chris Pont, “is we collaborate with the customer.  I worked in software for blue chip organisations and experienced a lot of the pain developing software in large organisations; which is why I set up IJYI.”

Chris is the Co-Founder and CEO of IJYI – pronounced ‘e.g.’ which works with clients including local government and finance companies, developing software to help the day to day running of business.  Essentially, they build great technology in a fun and funky office space, with music, chill-out areas and a free coffee re-filling station.

Pivotal Role

The Ipswich based firm launched with two employees in 2014 and has expanded to a team of 38. The New Anglia Growth Hub has had a pivotal role helping Chief Financial Officer Justin Nevison-Grainger to secure a small grant from New Anglia, which funded equipment including monitors, servers and PCs, for their new premises.

The collaboration with the Growth Hub continued and IJYI has become part of the Scale Up New Anglia programme.  

Scale Up New Anglia

Scale Up New Anglia is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who take part in a range of fully funded activities, designed to accelerate company growth. 

The programme includes one-to-one business coaching, group workshops and events, as well as access to funding and signposting to specialist programmes. “They’re an exemplar of a scale-up business”, said Dr Morgan Potter, a New Anglia Growth Hub Business Adviser, pioneering the programme.  “They’ve grown quickly with from two people to 38 and a turnover in excess of £1.4 million – which is the essence of a scaling company.” 

Fast-growing Businesses

“It’s been really helpful,” said Justin.  “We’ve got to know fast-growing businesses locally which has helped us with best practice, reputation and recruitment.”  

Chris has also been invited to speak at Scale Up New Anglia networking events, to talk about the IJYI journey, some of their pain points and share what they’ve learnt, in a further spirit of collaboration.

As the business moves forward, Chris and Justin are looking to grow the company sustainably with a view to taking their software development concept, to scale up the company in new cities and areas in the UK.  

“If a business is looking to grow I’d recommend they speak to the Growth Hub,” said Chris.  “It can help to find ways of solving problems, with funding opportunities and networking, so you don’t feel so alone on the journey – and it helps you sleep better at night!”

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