Lowestoft Based Business Celebrates Support

Fantastic support to local businesses. Pauline and Nick were swift, knowledgeable and friendly. They worked together to ensure I met the criteria for a grant and Nick personally came to my workplace to meet and discuss how to fill in the application and best move forward. We have been successful in being awarded our full grant match due to the support from the team. Thank you again.

Polly Vincent Director, Enhance Cosmetic Clinic

Lowestoft Based Business Celebrates Support

The Suffolk team have proven to be a huge support for the business

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In one of our featured stories, Polly Vincent shares her inspiring journey and the positive impact of working with the dedicated Suffolk team at the New Anglia Growth Hub.
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Meet Polly Vincent
Celebrating Suffolk Coast Business leader: Meet Polly Vincent
Polly Vincent is an optimist who cherishes what truly matters: the freedom to explore, create, and live life on your own terms. Her passion and dedication have made her a notable figure on the Suffolk Coast, particularly in the beauty and aesthetics industry.
Polly’s Journey and Achievements:
Spent nine years traveling as a beauty therapist.
Worked in some of the world’s most luxurious spas and salons.
Developed artistic talent and high-end customer service skills.
Innovative Entrepreneur
Innovative Entrepreneur:
Recognized a gap in the East of England market for permanent makeup.
Entered the specialized permanent makeup industry in 2013.
Grew her business into a leading authority in the industry.
Leadership and Training
Oversees a team of five skilled PMU (Permanent Makeup) artists.
Founded a BIOTEK-accredited training academy.
Provides top-tier training and support for aspiring beauty professionals.
Polly’s Impact:
Empowering Women
Supports women in reclaiming their glow for over fifteen years.
Creates spaces where feminine energy flourishes and dreams are realized.
Leads with warmth and approachability.
Business Excellence
Transitioned from sole proprietorship to recognized industry authority.
Demonstrates a remarkable business strategy.
Commits to maintaining the highest beauty standards.
Polly Vincent’s journey is a testament to her determination, creativity, and commitment to excellence, making her a celebrated business figure on the Suffolk Coast.

Suffolk Programme Director, Pauline Prockter says “Working with Polly has been a pleasure, seeing the increasing influence she has across the business community of Suffolk is inspiring and we are thrilled to have met and supported her”

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