Sean Cannon

Sean Cannon

High Growth Specialist


Having founded and operated several of his own businesses, Sean has extensive ‘real world experience’ and understands deeply the challenges a business faces when it is scaling up. He is driven to support the business leader (often the Founder) through this incredibly challenging time.

After graduating Sean embarked on a ten year acting career which saw him front a series of Nokia ads. (Launching the first ever mobile phones you could watch videos on!). After touring Grade 1 venues across Europe in an Oscar Wilde play, he eventually founded and operated a theatre company. This led him to ‘retire’ his acting career and focus on his business interests.

Sean co-founded and scaled a food distribution business from zero to £1.6M of turnover as well as opening several hospitality businesses. He also created retail brands from concept to listing in major supermarkets. He has attracted seven figure investment and dealt with the failure of a business and liquidation. Built Boards and developed and implemented complex strategies. Managed teams, secured a merger, successfully exited a business and invested in start-ups – and taken the company bins out after a long day also!

As High Growth Specialist, Sean heads up the Scale Up New Anglia team, running our highly popular programmes, Silver to Gold, Mastermind and Masterclasses covering Finance, HR, Lean Six Sigma, Marketing, Sales and more.

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