I would definitely recommend businesses to contact the Growth Hub. It’s been really great having a team who’s able to identify these programmes and additional funds.

Mark Thomas Founder & Ownder, Coderus

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Founder and Owner, Mark Thomas, tells us about his experience working with New Anglia Growth Hub. Click here to find out more about the support Coderus received or read the story below.

Phenomenal Growth

Almost every morning, software entrepreneur Mark Thomas walks through the entrance to his office’s building, under a huge graphic thought-bubble which proclaims ‘Good Thinking…’

Mark’s ‘Good Thinking’ has created Coderus; a software business with a phenomenal average growth rate of 40% over the past seven years. “And”, says Mark, “the New Anglia Growth Hub has definitely contributed to that percentage and to scaling up the business.”


Mark has been a software developer since he was 11 years old. As his family ran a farming business, creating a company was a natural progression, from his former part-time freelance work.

Coderus is based at Innovation Martlesham, a centre for thriving ICT companies at Adastral Park, Suffolk. The company designs mobile apps and wearable technology devices for clients. He first worked with the Growth Hub to successfully secure a grant and has been supported by Fiona Little, a Business Adviser for the New Anglia Growth Hub.

Scale Up New Anglia

More recently he has taken part in the Scale Up New Anglia programme. Scale Up New Anglia is an extensive programme created to facilitate high growth in ambitious businesses. It brings together groups of like-minded entrepreneurs who take part in a range of fully funded activities.

The programme includes one-to-one business coaching, group workshops, events, access to funding and signposting to specialist programmes including the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Programme a free programme to help business leaders create jobs through providing education, capital and business support services, which Mark has participated in.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” said Mark. “I met with a whole bunch of similar-minded business owners. It’s true what they say. It’s lonely at the top. So, it has been great talking to them and saying ‘How does this sound to you? Am I mad doing this?”

“I would definitely recommend businesses to contact the Growth Hub. It’s been really great having a team who’s able to identify these programmes and additional funds.” Mark will be talking to the businesses he collaborates with, to ensure they get in contact with the Growth Hub and take advantage of the advice, support and funding they can offer.

Global Ambitions

His vision is for Coderus to be the primary software solution for global customers. As Mark leaves the office under the ‘Good Thinking’ sign each day, Coderus may well be closer to reaching his scale up goal.

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