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What do you love most about Suffolk?

We asked our team what they love most about Suffolk, in support of Suffolk Day, celebrating our incredible county. Here’s what they had to say:

Richard Glinn, Senior Business Adviser for Suffolk:

“During the past 5 years, I have been constantly surprised and impressed by the many fantastic companies, small, medium and large, that I have come across in Suffolk. It has been a privilege to provide them with support and guidance. Suffolk is definitely not sleepy.”

Robert Turnbull, Business Growth Adviser for South Suffolk:

“As an adviser, I am constantly amazed and often humbled at the hidden gems and world-beating organisations and individuals I have the privilege to meet and learn about in my day to day job.

It is still a wider community and a business community with such a diversity of business and local strengths.”

Sam Vinyard-Jones, Business Growth Adviser for Ipswich:

“What I love about Suffolk is the thrilling diversity of enterprise in the region – I see everything from a business making beauty products out of milk from their own herd of goats, to businesses making components for space shuttles and the Large Hadron Collider! Not to mention the number of businesses that are proud to say they supply products to Buckingham Palace.

We have businesses in Suffolk that keep the past alive by working in a way that preserves and promotes our rich rural heritage, but we also have businesses here that are creating the technology of the future, products and services that will transform the world we live in.”

Sue Simmons, Events Coordinator:

“I love being in Suffolk and never being far from a good town, a great coast and a fantastic area of beautiful countryside.  And since working at the Hub I have met amazing hidden gems in that countryside. We are very lucky!”

Mags Oakley, Business Growth Support Adviser:

“Suffolk is the best place to live and work, beautiful countryside and beaches, quaint and quirky independent stores and exciting manufacturing and IT businesses who are competing with the ‘big boys’.

We need to promote our wonderful County more and shout about all the good things we have to offer. Our football team is the best in Suffolk, going through a rebuilding stage, but we will be back.”

Wash by Jamie Bird, taken in Felixstowe.

Jamie Bird, Administration Assistant:

“Working at the Growth Hub allows me to see first-hand the amazing work being achieved by many inspiring businesses that call this county home. The Suffolk landscape is also a source of great natural beauty that provides me with many opportunities to enjoy the countryside, through landscape and wildlife photography.”

Sharna Morris, Business Growth Support Adviser:

“I love being one of the first points of contact for incredible enterprises and talented entrepreneurs in Suffolk. I am continually charmed by the businesses that thrive in our historic market towns, from rural manufacturing companies that are developing our future, to businesses that help protect our beautiful beaches – there truly is something for everyone in Suffolk.”

Thank you to the team for sharing their favourite parts of Suffolk with us. You can find out who your local adviser is here.

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