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Scale Up New Anglia & High Growth Programme

Scale Up New Anglia & High Growth Programme

Events & Conferences

We had the first of the launch of the Scale Up New Anglia and High Growth programme as part of the Digital Technology Conference at Bedford Lodge, Newmarket on the 6th February 2019. It was a full house, with nine great speakers, including Prof. Ed Candy and Prof. Dan Isenberg. Videos of the event will be available soon through the coming members-only portal.

The second event is for Manufacturing.  The event and conference is on the 26th March 2019 at Barnham Broom Hotel, Norwich, NR9 4DD. The agenda and speakers will be released soon, but if you wish to register your interest in attending, please use the form below and we will get back to you.

How to Get Involved

These events and support are free, but booking is by invite-only through signing up and being accepted on to the programme. This too is a free and simple process but will require review and approval by our High Growth Adviser. If you have not already been contacted you can apply through the simple form below, which will then be reviewed and you will be contacted by phone or email, either to discuss this a little further or get your full details to add you to the programme.

After you have been accepted, you will be able to get invites directly to your inbox for all our events, and be able to access to the supporting information from these events will be through the New Anglia Scale Up Members Portal (to be launched soon but you can sign up here) on the New Anglia Growth Hub Website.  As this is all free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Kick start your growth today and apply below.

To read more please click on the leaflet and agenda below.  If you wish to discuss this further before completing this form, please contact our High Growth Adviser, Morgan Potter through his email: morgan.potter@newanglia.co.uk

What is the Scale Up New Anglia Programme and Who is it For?

The Scale Up New Anglia programme has been launched to support businesses with high growth potential up to 20% in terms of turnover. These companies have been categorised as ‘Silver’. Those achieving growth in excess of 20% in terms of turnover or FTEs are categorised as ‘Gold’.

The mission of the Scale Up New Anglia programme is, therefore, providing the business support to turn ‘Silver’ businesses into ‘Gold’ businesses.

The objective of the programme is to engage with potential high growth businesses throughout the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk and to create an exclusive community of like-minded peers and industry and topic experts. This programme will provide ongoing support and also understand and develop the nature of the high growth ecosystem required to generate growth across the New Anglia region.

Key Benefits to SME to join the Scale Up New Anglia and High Growth Programme

– Access to members only workshops, information tools, meetings and events

– All businesses at these events are like-minded and keen to grow and develop their businesses in Suffolk and Norfolk – peer to peer support and discussions

– All businesses are in Norfolk and Suffolk

– Access to industry experts and information from dedicated growth/scale-up bodies and people

– Access to inspirational local and national businesses who have been on the scale-up/growth journey

– Three-year programme in place to take them into the next step

– Cross organisational support (i.e. Tech East, Invest East, Councils, Chambers)


Apply today for the Manufacturing Scale Up New Anglia and High Growth Programme Conference!

New Anglia Scale Up & High Growth Programme
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