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Scale Up New Anglia

Scale Up New Anglia & High Growth Programme

The Scale Up New Anglia programme has been launched to support businesses with high growth potential up to 20% in terms of turnover. These companies have been categorised as ‘Silver’. Those achieving growth in excess of 20% in terms of turnover or FTEs are categorised as ‘Gold’.

The mission of the Scale Up New Anglia programme is, therefore, providing the business support to turn ‘Silver’ businesses into ‘Gold’ businesses.

The objective of the programme is to engage with potential high growth businesses throughout the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk and to create an exclusive community of like-minded peers and industry and topic experts. This programme will provide ongoing support and also understand and develop the nature of the high growth ecosystem required to generate growth across the New Anglia region.

Joining the High Growth Programme: Key Benefits to SMEs

– Access to members-only workshops, information tools, meetings and events

– All businesses at these events are like-minded and keen to grow and develop their businesses in Suffolk and Norfolk – peer to peer support and discussions

– All businesses are in Norfolk and Suffolk

– Access to industry experts and information from dedicated growth/scale-up bodies and people

– Access to inspirational local and national businesses who have been on the scale-up/growth journey

– Three-year programme in place to take them into the next step

– Cross organisational support (i.e. Tech East, Invest East, Councils, Chambers)

To join or for more information, please visit the Scale Up New Anglia website.