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Grant gave print firm ‘the impetus to push our business forward’

“The grant helped us push our business forward and we would not have taken the steps we’ve taken without that shot in the arm,” says Mark Hollinger, managing director of Norwich-based Hollinger Print.

The firm received a £57,000 Growing Business Fund grant to support the purchase of new equipment.

Since buying the new printing press and print finishing equipment with the support of the grant in late 2019, the business has seen significant benefits from the investment.

“It was the biggest step we had taken and quite a bold decision. It has helped us maintain our market in a tough sector and it’s allowed us to work more efficiently, so even through Covid we’ve seen the benefit.

“The bigger picture is certainly positive and better than we thought it could be. Having that support gave us the confidence and the impetus to take a bold decision and hold our staffing numbers. We’re on a very positive trajectory moving forwards.”

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