Futureproofing businesses with skills is key to driving region’s net zero economy

Investing in skills and empowering businesses to innovate, access new markets and reach net zero are at the heart of a new economic strategy launched by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership.

An “ambitious blueprint for the UK’s clean growth region”, the Norfolk & Suffolk Economic Strategy aims to accelerate our economy’s transition to a zero-carbon economy and upskill our workforce for inclusive growth which will benefit everyone.

The document has been developed to align with Government’s Build Back Better Plan for Growth which sets out three pillars of growth – infrastructure, skills, and innovation – and their three long-term policy objectives – levelling up, supporting net zero and global Britain.

Developed in partnership with businesses, business support organisations, local authorities, VCSE organisations, colleges, and universities, it looks to 2036 but focuses on the actions needed for the next three to five years. More than 650 people joined 100 engagement sessions in summer and autumn 2021 to feed into the new strategy.

C-J Green, Chair of New Anglia LEP, said: “Clean growth is central to this strategy which looks to drive forward the region’s efforts to support and deliver a net zero economy, as well as capitalising on new markets and employment opportunities.

“Our region has nationally recognised strengths in clean energy, agri-food and ICT digital creative which continue to present significant opportunities, and businesses will need to be supported if they are to take advantage.

“However, it is crucial that the clean growth we achieve is inclusive and that everyone can access jobs, upskill and reskill. We want to transform this region into the best place to live, learn, work and succeed in business.”

You can read the strategy online here.



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