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Carole Burman had worked as an HR director for ten years, but last May she decided to start-up her own business. She said: “I loved my job but it had taken over too much of my life. I was working 12 hours and then commuting two hours on top of that so I knew that I wasn’t afraid of hard work. My parents had run their own businesses and so when considering the options, I spoke to a number of business advisers, did my research and decided to start my own business – MAD-HR Ltd.” 

Launched last in May 2014, one of the services offered by MAD-HR is an online HR toolkit and advice line that is simple and jargon free, giving back business owners more time to focus on growing their own business. Like all new businesses, Carole has certainly faced a few challenges along the way. “In my previous role as a statutory director, I learned much about running a business. However, when you work in a corporate environment you are surrounded by a team of experts who help and support you with your accounts, IT, web development, marketing and so on. I realised very quickly that I needed to learn new skills fast or ensure that I make enough money to outsource where I needed to.”

One of the ways Carole has overcome some of these challenges is attending lots of courses with Menta, one of the organisations in Suffolk that offer support to start-up businesses, as well as free one-to-one advice sessions. Carole added: “I spoke to lots of business advisers and networked like you wouldn’t believe.”

So what does Carole say to others thinking of starting in 2015? “Seek advice from professional agencies who can help and guide you. I look upon starting my own business much like giving birth to a baby. I checked in regularly with the specialists to make sure that everything was going to plan before the business was ‘born’. It will save you time and money.”

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