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About the business

Having been in business for 30 years, DB Sheetmetals had established itself as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sheet metal, providing a one-stop shop from design to delivery of a product with finished paintwork, for over 80 different clients. It uses sophisticated machinery to punch holes and laser cut designs into all sizes of sheet metal to manufacture office furniture, data racks, lorry parts, pop-up rooms for computers, point-of-sale displays and a variety of shop fittings. The finished designs are then welded together before being painted in the factory.

The issue that DB Sheetmetals faced

Having upgraded its metal punch, laser cutter and power capability in recent years, it was becoming more apparent that some of the company’s other equipment was ageing – especially its paint line. Caroline Law, Managing Director, spoke to Growth Hub Business Adviser, Richard Glinn, about this next potential project and explained the amount of investment that was required. Following a thorough review, they agreed the enormous potential of installing a fully automated online paint line rather than replacing the existing manual one on a like-for-like basis. Caroline was confident about this and she and Richard put together a submission to part-fund £60,000 from the Growing Business Fund to help towards the £400,000 total cost. This would also create three new jobs at the company.

Caroline Law of DB Sheetmetals

What made DB Sheetmetals turn to the Growth Hub?

Caroline and Richard had worked together before to secure a £6,000 Small Grant Scheme grant. And, again, a £2,000 grant towards the cost of a £12,000 project which has enabled the company to start exporting to Canada.

How the Growth Hub helped

“Richard set realistic expectations and helped us prepare our submission so that it was clear how we intended to invest the funds and the ensuing benefits. The Grant Schemes managers were brilliant at chaperoning us through the assessment process to approval,” explained Caroline. “Being able to purchase the automated online paint line has enabled us to jump 20 years forward. This will make a big difference to our operation and, to a certain degree, will future-proof our business for a good number of years as we are now way ahead of the competition. It was a potentially big risk but the Growth Hub’s help and support mitigated a lot of that and it’s resulted in us safeguarding the company’s future.”

What impact did this have on helping the business expand?

“Without the support of Richard and the Growth Hub, we wouldn’t have been able to make such a bold step. We know we will have future requirements for funding and advice so we will be getting in touch with the Growth Hub as soon as we know what the next project is.”

The Business Adviser’s view

Richard Glinn said, “DB Sheetmetals was ambitious and understood the steps to be taken if they were to grow at a faster rate. Caroline was very open with me so that we could do a proper assessment of how we could help. Manufacturing and engineering are preferred sectors for the Growing Business Fund so for the company it was a case of demonstrating what growth would result from securing the grant. Their strong plan and clear goals made the submission easy to be assessed.”

Could your business benefit from our support?

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