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A comprehensive list of companies and organisations providing a range of advice and services for businesses both new and well-established.

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Sector Specific Services

Company:The Guild

Service: Advice, Consultancy

Advice and services for social enterprise businesses and those seeking to start one.

Sector Specific Services

Company:The Brecks

Service: Information

Provides information on the history, towns, accommodation, events and news of the Breckland area.

Sector Specific Services

Company:Trusted Trader – Norfolk

Service: Information

Norfolk Trusted Trader is a directory of service providers in various trade sectors, including home maintenance and improvement, and personal care services.

Sector Specific Services

Company:The Law Society

Service: Accreditation, Information

The Law Society exists to represent, promote and support all solicitors, so they in turn can help their clients.

Sector Specific Services

Company:Trusted Traders – Suffolk

Service: Information

We have a number of tradespeople and businesses that we know and trust to do our business with.